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If you’re caring for a loved one who can’t take care of him or herself, you’re a caregiver.

Becoming a caregiver can literally happen overnight.

You get the call, you hear the news, and the job is automatically yours.

There’s no application process. No nervous waiting.

(And no previous experience required.)

You just learn as you go.

Because you have to do whatever it takes to make your loved one feel comfortable and keep all the plates spinning elsewhere in your life. But, caregiving can be exhausting, physically and mentally.

Perhaps you’re the family member best placed to provide care for your loved one or you’re caring for someone that’s lives a distance away and need to hire local help.

You don’t know what options are available to you or where to start.

Or perhaps you’ve been a caregiver for some time now and you want your loved one to have the very best care, but you’re burnt out and feeling desperate.

Wherever you are, I’m Aileen and I’ll meet you there.


I have over 25 years of experience as a caregiver, providing people like you with the support and advice to make caregiving easier, and to assist you in making the best choices for your loved one’s future.

Caring for loved ones who cannot care for themselves is my specialty: as a Geriatric Care Manager I’ve looked after clients at home, in Assisted Living Facilities, long distance, and I’ve even managed an Assisted Living Facility.

As well as being a caregiver myself, I have also personally hired, trained, and scheduled caregivers on behalf of clients who require round the clock care.

Over the years I’ve helped new caregivers deal with a wide variety of challenges, which you’re probably facing now.


Is your loved one…

  • asking the same question over and over
  • obsessing about things and driving you crazy
  • asking to go home
  • wandering off
  • driving when they shouldn’t be
  • refusing to bathe
  • cussing and threatening
  • arguing about ridiculous things
  • not able to recognize you

Here's how I can help!

1 Day Rescue


1 (60 minute) Call

Email Support for 2 Days

Turn Crisis Into Calm Game Plan

$85 per session


7 Day Rescue


1 (60 minute) Call

4 (30 minute) Calls

Email Support for 7 Days

Turn Crisis Into Calm Game Plan

$149 rescue package

14 Day Rescue


1 (60 minute) Call

7 (30 minute) Calls

Email Support for 14 Days

Turn Crisis Into Calm Game Plan

$299 rescue package

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My Mom just had a stroke and I’m in utter panic. How will a one-time rescue session really help me?
Q: I probably live hundreds of miles away – how can you possibly help me hire help where I live?
Q: My parent depends on me for everything. I’ve neglected my own husband, children, and job because I just don’t have time for anything. I just don’t see how you can help me?
Q: I don’t have time to do what I need to do, let alone to call someone and map out everything I need…I’m just not sure this is a valuable investment of my time.
Q: My loved one doesn’t even want help – how are you going to convince them differently?

Words From My Clients


Aileen was able to coordinate dedicated care givers to help my father and take much of the burden off my mother. Aileen selected and trained compassionate people who could understand it is the disease and not my dad being unreasonable and sometimes combative. Aileen and the other care givers treat my dad with dignity and are empathetic to his plight.


Aileen gave me back my own life. Aileen understood what issues I’m confronted with. She could explain to me what my father needs, but also how I can handle the actual situation. She made me understand how and where I can get help and how I can improve my work-life-balance. After the 60-minute call I felt relieved and in more than one way understood and supported.

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