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When was the last time you got a good night’s sleep?

When was the last time you felt rested?

You are are doing the most important work of your life and you are supposed to be retired!

When you dreamed about retiring it never looked like this.

Caregiving is exhausting, challenging but rewarding.

If you are taking care of someone who can not take care of themselves you are a caregiver.

I have been there:

kicking doors open to get a wheelchair through

cramming groceries in the bag behind the wheel chair, under my arms, while pushing a wheelchair

waiting in doctors offices

waiting on prescriptions

turning down invitations because you don’t feel right

thinking that boy HELP would be nice

HELP would be nice

family is not around

when they are they are too busy

no one can take care of them like I do anyway

I don’t want a stranger in my house

I’ve read about people have been robbed

no one can take care of them like I can anyway

If there is one thing everyone can agree on is that caregiving isn’t EASY!

I am a care giver…in fact I come from four generations of care givers. It  all started back in a farmhouse in Ireland in the mid 1930’s when my great grandmother handed my father a little tea pot.

More about that below in My Story.

I am here to share with you my experience in caring for those who can not care for themselves.

I have been care giving in many ways

  • Home
  • Assisted Living Facility
  • Memory Care
  • Long Distance (not fun)
  • Facility Director of an Assisted Living Facility

I want to share my perspective, my mistakes and the best ways to provide excellent care for your loved one. Care giving can be overwhelming as there is no instruction manual and in most cases we feel unprepared.


Aileen is a Geriatric Care Manager ready to share more twenty five years of caregiving lessons with you. She has cared for many loved ones and has great insight to caring for those who can not care for themselves.

She was born and raised in the panhandle of Florida where she currently resides with her husband of thirty years and her two youngest sons. Her oldest daughter is married, youngest daughter is attending college and is delighted to have a daughter and son working locally.

Aileen began her career with Hyatt Hotels in central Florida after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Florida State University.

Over the years she has cared for many loved ones. She enjoys watching her children play soccer, kayaking, reading, hiking and spending time with friends and family.

My StoryFour generations of caregiving……

First Generation

On a beautiful hillside outside of Dublin, Ireland there is a farm with the simple address of Feahoe. There is no number no street name, just Feahoe. This farm over looks a lake and the land where the cattle graze.

I am so glad to have something in common with my great grandmother. She was brought to Feahoe when she married. Her life must have been difficult when she was left widowed with six young children. She was a great woman who raised her children and at least eight grand children while managing the family farm named Feahoe.

My father was raised on that farm where her great grandson lives today with his family. In the mid 1930’s my father recalls being given a little tea pot by his grandmother to take up stairs for his Aunt Maggie. He has memories of her walking when he was younger, so he thinks she must have developed some kind of paralysis in her teens.

Up stairs he would carefully give his Aunt Maggie her tea. She could not hold the tea pot. It was very small tea pot. Grandma Hoey probably made the tea and warmed it “just right” so it could be carefully poured into Maggie’s mouth through the little spout.

My father’s parents immigrated to the United States and worked while my father was raised on  the farm. He came over to the states in the late 40’s when he joined the Air Force.


Second Generation

In the fifties my Grandmother, Grandma Suzy took care of the wife of Pierre Pastre. He was the head waiter of Club 21 at the time. She also took care of Pierre after his wife died. Pierre was was very well like by our family and responsible for my grandmother and aunts love for champagne and cavier!

Third Generation

In the mid eighties, Grandma Suzy a widow, fell and broke her hip and arrangements had been made for her to go into a nursing home in New York. Before I knew it Grandma Suzy was brought to my parents home. She was a loud raucous woman and none of the family thought she would last three months.

When she came to Florida she never cussed or fussed. Under my parents’ care she was meek as a lamb. She lived with them for over six years.

Fourth Generation

At this time Aileen manages several caregiving teams, trains caregivers and helps take care of her mother fondly called, Nana. She also offers support through the Facebook Page Support  Group ……… follow this link to join here

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