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10 Steps to a Great Caregiving Day

No more tough days!

Ever had one of those days where your loved one wouldn’t take their medicine, eat, drink or bathe? Say good bye to those days!

There is only one way to start he day as a caregiver and that is on the YES train.

10 Steps to a Great Caregiving Day!

  1. Greet your loved one first thing in the morning with a SMILE. Put on bright red lipstick if vision is compromised. Make eye contact make sure they see your big SMILE!
  2. Say “Good Morning” COAX A SMILE Look for smile back. Everyone should start the day
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My Back is Killing Me!

I just wrote about back strains last week and I did it. I have this certain place in my lower back that gets out of whack sometimes. It never hurts when I do it……but the next day….My Back is Killing Me! It happens when I forget to lift with my legs!

Also, when family or friends have a “better idea.” It is great to take Nana out and visit family and friends. She loves it. But when they suggested “Let’s put Nana here,” I knew it was not a good idea. Before I realized it she was whisked into a

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[Caregiving] 7 Ways to Prevent Back Strain



7 Ways to Prevent Back Strain

As caregivers we must protect and keep our backs healthy. Day by day we don’t even realize the extra help our loved ones need. It usually begins when they can’t get out up out of a low cushioned chair.

Our first inclination is to start tugging on arms and try to help them get up. The next thing we know our back “is killing me”! Back strain can keep us from being productive and decrease our function.

It was reported by the National Institute on Aging that a recent analysis of data

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Caregiving: Are you ready for this?


Caregiving: Are you ready for this is? Robin was not.This is the email she sent me about her predicament.

Hi Aileen,

Thank you for our brief phone introduction this is the situation………..

The phone call I had been dreading came about a month ago. It had been a difficult year after the death of my mother and now this.  Mr. Harvey was in the hospital after being found unresponsive in his home by his neighbor. Upon the loss my mother, I had been sentenced/appointed Power of Attorney to her husband, Mr. Harvey.

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In the World of Caregiving – You can relate!

In the world of Caregiving…….. I am sure you can relate!

We live in the world of caregiving which brings unexpected frustrations and surprises upon which I’m sure you can relate!

Meet Darby! DarbyMuch to my mom, Nana’s delight she was presented with a dog from a rescue shelter by my nephew recently. He was given the name of Darby after the movie Darby O’Gill and the little people. Therefore Darby is Irish like her owners!

Whenever Nana talks to anyone she tells them about her lovely new dog. He has already learned to stand at attention at her wheelchair … Click to keep reading

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